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"Punkin" is an Analog Tele-Phonographer made from an old marching French horn, and old car horn, and part of an old trombone. It is attached to a base made from salvaged steel and is very stable.

This piece has some real character. The horn came from a high school marching band in Texas, and performed at hundreds of super-exciting football games, and like three excruciatingly boring ones. The lacquer shows the perfect amount of wear, and the brass has tarnished to an absolutely gorgeous orange tone. It stands up to take up less space and look more interesting, but the bell has been turned forward with part of an old car horn, which projects the sound out instead of up. The valves are present and intact, but do not alter the sound from the iPhone at all.

I really love the way this piece looks in my home. It would look great in your cabin, on your boat, in your Apache attack helicopter, or in your super-secret submarine (brass has a long-standing nautical tradition that you should not meddle with). It’s truly one-of-a-kind, and will impress all your supervillain friends, henchmen, goons, associates, and whatever good guys you capture and bring aboard your evil yacht. Also, it sounds great playing Christopher Cross, so don’t worry. Totally yacht-friendly.

This horn will make the sound from your iPhone or iPad louder and richer, using no electricity, wires, plugs, or batteries. The shape of the horn is enough to add 25 decibels or more! But it's not just about volume, it's about quality of sound as well.

This work of art is hand-made, one-of-a-kind, and was created entirely in America with reclaimed materials.

This piece is shown with a stainless dock that fits every iPhone since the 4, and docks can be made to fit Android or other devices. The dock is easily removed (with no tools required!) and can be replaced for future upgrade.

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