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The Tooth Fairy's Lost Luggage

The Tooth Fairy-  A creature nobody has actually seen.  Someone who sneaks into children's bedrooms at night to conduct a business transaction while kids are asleep.  A being whose motivations are unclear, and whose morals and ethics are rarely questioned.  A sinister night-stalker who can help herself to the teeth under a child's pillow, as well as the teeth in the child's head!  What's to stop her?  

Anyone who travels knows this to be true... Eventually the airline WILL lose your luggage.  It happens to the best of us.  And when the luggage goes unclaimed, it is sold at auction to the highest bidder.

Tooth Fairy, if you're out there, you can have it back.

(Yes, those are REAL human teeth in the bottom right corner.)

Coaster Holder.  Mesquite and Steel.  Cork Coasters.

Walnut coaster holder.  Cherry coasters.

Solid Wood iPhone Amplifier.  Box Elder.



"Consumption" is made from a plastic model skull salvaged from the home of a deceased hoarder, wrapped with several layers of plastic grocery bags.